Monday, April 30, 2007

The reason for the the topic above is cause it is truly disheartening to see the youth of today disliking each other. We often get to hear oh so and so is a Niketan Singh or so in so is a Sabha Singh so im not going to associate with them for whatever reason. How many time have we label each other and start making assumptions about one another based on that label? I was just label today by "someone" who hardly even knows ME!!! He approached and started asking me if I am affliated to A Jatha/B Jatha. It is just so annoying. Why do people tend to do that I wonder!

We have a so many things more in common than the differences we have. Yet we tend to focus on the trivial issues and blow them out of proportion and go to the extent of not even talking to other fellow Sikh because of small differences in rehit beliefs.

The enemies of the Sikh Panth love seeing this. There are the ones who will exploit these small differences to divide us with the same old game of divide and conquer. We as the new generation should not fall into this same trap and should keep in mind that

"united we stand...divided we fall"

One God: Waheguru
One Guru : Sahib Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
One Group : Guru Khalsa Panth!

Guruji Says:

ਹੋਇ ਇਕਤ੍ਰ ਮਿਲਹੁ ਮੇਰੇ ਭਾਈ ਦੁਬਿਧਾ ਦੂਰਿ ਕਰਹੁ ਲਿਵ ਲਾਇ ॥
ho-ay ikatar milhu mayray bhaa-ee dubiDhaa door karahu liv laa-ay.
Come and join together, my brethren; dispel your sense of duality and let yourselves be lovingly absorbed in the Lord.

ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੈ ਕੇ ਹੋਵਹੁ ਜੋੜੀ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਬੈਸਹੁ ਸਫਾ ਵਿਛਾਇ ॥੧॥
har naamai kay hovhu jorhee gurmukh baishu safaa vichhaa-ay. 1
Associate yourselves with the God's Name; become Gurmukh, spread out your mat, and sit down. 1

Please read the article below which was taken from Waheguroo Forum: [Posted in 2005]

Three times a day, we as Sikhs do ardaas for the Ekta (unity) of the Khalsa Panth. What is Ekta? How can it be achieved? What are the different types of Ekta?

It is Kaljug, the world is divided. There is only one way to achieve Ekta, which is through Naam. Through the one commoness of Naam we all have one aim in life, which is to ultimately merge with Waheguru. We should look at ourselves as Ambassadors of Sikhi, and spread the message of Guru Nanak, which is about peace, unity and meditation. Strenghten yourselves by keeping one Rehat of Sri Dashmesh Pita Jee and becoming ready for any situation ahead.

Ekta on a bigger scale, is Ekta with Waheguru (God). This is the ultimate type of Ekta, when our soul enjoys Naam Ras in the warm embrace of God, however, in order to achieve this Ekta it is a must that we achieve unity between the Panth and the World. It is just a matter of time that Unity comes in the Panth, and a matter of time that unity comes throughout the whole world. However, on must note that it will only come when we are all Naam Abhiyaasees and spread genuine love amongst other human beings, become the Charan Dhoor of everyone. No one is higher and no one is lower. Strive to do your best in whatever you do and always do Ardaas and stay humble.

There is no use squabbling over worldly matters, which is what we see in Gurdwaras every week. We must start doing Vichaar of Gurbani and Abhiyaas of Naam in Gurdwaras and get the Youth involved. Getting the Youth involved means a safer structure for Sikhi. Once their is Ekta in the Panth what makes us think we can stop there? Naam merges all types of people together. When a Gursikhs starts to Jap Naam, others are automatically drawn to him - so much is the power of Naam inside him and in this way love scent spreads from one to another.

We need a loving society, in which everyone lives together peacefully, sharing and caring for one and other.

When you start to Jap Naam you will start seeing the light of God contained in every single human body, which gives you the strength to smile. Whenever you are about to unwrath your anger, just smile and see God in that person, Maharaaj is just testing you. Anger is notoriously dubious, with anger we say a hundred foul words and break relationships, in the Rang of anger we loose our sense of calmness and loose other peoples respect. Think about it, there is no Jathebandee except the Khalsa. There is no Caste, Creed or Colour. Just Naam. Take examples from Praatan Gursikhs, such as Bhai Ghaniyaa Jee, who did not see no friend or fiend. He was a Naam Raseeyaa Gursikh who used to eat the left overs from Guru Kaa Langar which also shows his humility.

Recognise the Human Race as One.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Sikhi Related Website
My cousin brought my attention to this website:

The articles were wrote by Gurmukh Singh (Raub, Pahang-Malaysia). The articles in the web-site were first printed in October 1995 in book form titled SIKHISM. I have never read the book so :) this is new to me.

There are 34 chapters on Sikhi to be read. I have not got the chance to read much yet but I have bookmarked the site..

Thanks a lot cousin! This will be my reading material for the coming week especially with Tuesday and Wednesday being a public holiday in Malaysia :-)

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VIVA Man Utd!!!
Man Utd beat Everton (4-2) last night to open the five point lead in the Premier League as rivals Chelsea were held to a 2-2 draw by Bolton (hahahah!!!)

Sir Alex Ferguson's men came from two goals down to have one hand on the trophy with scores by O'shea, P.Neville (og), Rooney and youngster Chris Eagle... For full story click here

Man Utd surely rocks this time! Hopefully we will continue winning all our remaining matches. Viva Man Utd.

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Phew its 2.30am and I finally finished filling up my taxes. Just submitted it via e-filing 2 minutes ago. YAY to me! Declaring TAXES; gosh that sounded alien to me few years ago when I was just a STUDENT. Time surely flies fast. Without realising here I was today cracking my head figuring out the tax form. Spent nearly an hour trying to fill up the tax form. FINALLY its finished! Though LHDN seriously need to upgrade their system. I was trying the WHOLE of FRIDAY and SATURDAY and I just couldnt get through. The page was taking AGES to load.

I will try to update about the kirtan darbar later in the morning as I am dozing away now. Just couldnt resist myself to report my VICTORY of filling up the tax form at LAST!

Hmmm... Filling up taxes, paying my own Bills, paying loans... Sign that I am getting OLD. Well time surely flies very very FAST..

Ta for now..

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Friday, April 27, 2007
Apostasy - Shown on Al-Jazeera
This was aired on the 20th April 2007 on Al-Jazeera news channel. Its about how a baby can be torn away from its parents because a Muslim woman dared to marry a non-Muslim.

Watch the video below:

To all my brother and sisters; think VERY VERY carefully before converting yourself to Islam in Malaysia; its a one way ticket. Once your in there's no way out of it.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Should we have expectations?
Today I was talking to a friend of mine and towards the end of the conversation she mentioned about not expecting so and so to do what she/he did. I had to end the conversation as I had some work to do. But the ending of the conversation made me think: Should we actually have expectations on people?

I believe we all have set some sort of expectations on people; may it be our love ones, our friends, siblings, family, and etc etc etc. How often have we said this: Oh, I did not EXPECT this from her/him? Why do we have to expect anything from people? Why do we tend to EXPECT people to be the way we "think" they are? At the end of day when they do the opposite from what we expect, we get all angry, frustrated, sad."Why can't we just leave people as what they are and not expect people to be as what we want them to be?"

I have read this a nice quote from someone's blog/website a while ago. Memory is not serving me well so I cannot give credit to the owner of the quote.

The quote went on like this: Love all, trust a few... but expectations keep from none.

Guruji Says:

In Salok Mahala 9 (Pannaa 1429)

ਚਿੰਤਾ ਤਾ ਕੀ ਕੀਜੀਐ ਜੋ ਅਨਹੋਨੀ ਹੋਇ ॥
chi(n)thaa thaa kee keejeeai jo anehonee hoe
People become anxious, when something unexpected happens.

ਇਹੁ ਮਾਰਗੁ ਸੰਸਾਰ ਕੋ ਨਾਨਕ ਥਿਰੁ ਨਹੀ ਕੋਇ ॥੫੧॥
eihu maarag sa(n)saar ko naanak thhir nehee koe 51
This is the way of the world, O Nanak; nothing is stable or permanent. 51

In Raag Bilaaval Mahala 4 (Pannaa 800)

ਅਨਿਕ ਉਪਾਵ ਚਿਤਵੀਅਹਿ ਬਹੁਤੇਰੇ ਸਾ ਹੋਵੈ ਜਿ ਬਾਤ ਹੋਵੈਨੀ ॥
anik oupaav chithaveeahi bahuthaerae saa hovai j baath hovainee
People think of many and various efforts, but that alone happens, which is to happen.

ਅਪਨਾ ਭਲਾ ਸਭੁ ਕੋਈ ਬਾਛੈ ਸੋ ਕਰੇ ਜਿ ਮੇਰੈ ਚਿਤਿ ਨ ਚਿਤੈਨੀ ॥੨॥
apanaa bhalaa sabh koee baashhai so karae j maerai chith n chithainee 2
All beings seek goodness for themselves, but what the Lord does - that may not be what we think and expect. 2

Everything happens for a reason which we mere mortal might not understand. To avoid any kind of dissapointment when things/people does not turn out to our expectations, always try to recognize god's doing in all that happen. The least we expect, the least we will get dissapointed on things/people...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Man Utd 3 : AC Milan 2
Just wanna say I am so so sooooooooo Happy that Man Utd won the match!!! I could not watch the game last night but arnd 6am I got a sms indicating we won 3-2... YES!!! All we need to do now in the away game is to ensure that we don't loose and we are in to the FINALS!!! Wohoooo.... Man Utd form has been awesome this season and despite the injuries to the players; we still manage to pull it through.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
If U R Punjabi And U Know It
This is a cool one, listen to it!!!

Click on the link below:

If you are punjabi

There's also a video of this in youtube, click here

Its really hilarious.. Hahahahahaha

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Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday Blues
Its Monday. And I am back to the same routine for the week : home - WORK - home. I guess I am not the only one that grumbles and groans about Mondays and is unwilling to let go of the lovely and lazy Sunday. I bet loads and loads of people groans about it to. :)

Surprisingly today I got to work pretty early. Usually I will be dragging myself out of my house on Mondays. I had one of my colleague who comes in pretty early in the morning (after he got married :P) asking me what was the occasion for me to come in so early today. Anyway it did not make any difference as I still came back home late from work as usual.

Mondays are the busiest days for me at work with endless of pending emails, pending work that is accumulated during the weekend and never ending meetings. When the day ends at work I will be just so relief.

Anyway I have a few people who requested me to put up more information on Microsoft SMS 2003. Im sorry guys, I cant put up the documents we use at work cause all the documents are marked as Confidential or Restricted; however I have a few links here which has really help me to expediate my understanding which can be use by you all to understand the basics of Microsoft SMS 2003.

-> Deployment Planning for SMS 2003
-> Deploying SMS 2003
-> Adding A Secondary Site in SMS 2003
-> Performing Common Administrative Tasks With SMS 2003
-> Get a handle on Network Clients using SMS

I do have more documents and links which I can share but I leave you all with this bit of information first. I will post more links in the near future. Ta for now.

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Update - Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji's Malaysia Tour

I just got confirmation that Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji (Jwadi Kalaan Wale) will be in Malaysia tomorrow (24 April 2007).

Bhai Sahib's first program will be tomorrow in Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa, following on Wednesday in Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (PJ) and on Thursday it will be in Tatt Khalsa Gurd.

Bittu will be accompanying Bhai Sahib.

Hopefully there will be no last minute changes.

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My thoughts
I posted earlier; but I am not to sure where my post went missing. Wrote quite a bit in the earlier post. Gosh now I have to re-type all over again.

My accomplishment for the day is that I have changed the template for my Blog. Had to meddle around with the HTML codes but I have got the desired layout. At last!

I had not much to do today. Went to gurdwara in the morning and later went to meet an uncle. Had quite a long discussion about life and of course religion. It always amazes me how I never realises how time flies whenever I sit and talk to uncleji. I met him yesterday and he made a very interesting statement; according to him its harder to get people to speak abt God and be more religious as 75% of people are just attached to worldly things and only 25% are left. Its as good as having a four-legged table only standing on ONE leg (now think how unstable that can be)!!

All I can say is that we will have to constantly upgrade our "firewall" to ensure that no one succeeds in hacking into our system. And the only way we can keep upgrading our "firewall" is by chanting the name of GOD. But one have to remember that the harder it gets to hack a system normally the more "hackers" will try to hack and destroy the system. I think this happens in our daily life too. The more we try to attach ourself to GOD, the more we will get all sort of distractions trying to lure us away from GOD. But Naam is the only cure for all kinda problems. As guruji said below:

ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਤੇ ਭੁਲਿਆਂ ਵਿਆਪਨਿ ਸਭੇ ਰੋਗ ॥
paramaesar thae bhuliaaa(n) viaapan sabhae rog
Forgetting the Transcendent Lord, all sorts of illnesses are contracted.
(for full shabad click here)

Without Naam we will be like a boat that is sailing in the middle of a huge ocean without a destination. Only Naam can save us from all the worldly desires and the 5 vices which are constantly trying to lure us away from Waheguru.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Distractions - Nice article
This is something I saw today in Sikhsangat forum. A nice and inspiring article to remind us to remember to keep WAHEGURU (god) as our Focus all the time. We as human are easily distracted by all the worldly things and often we forget the MAIN purpose why we were sent to this world.

There was once a man who was a devoted disciple of a holy man. He served this holy man well, after serving the holy man he would go for long walks in the beautiful countryside and he would get so much pleasure from doing so.

One day after serving his master, he decided to go for a walk using a different route. While on this new route he came across a town. He thought to himself "this looks like an interesting place," he proceeded to walk through the town. As he went through this town he saw things that he had never seen before.

He saw luxurious clothing and furniture, he smelt foods that he had never smelt before, he saw priceless jewelry that shone like the stars. He also saw beautiful women that were dressed in fine clothing, they were very friendly towards him. He was amazed by what he saw and he also liked what he saw. Eventually, he passed the town and proceeded to find his master, all the while he was thinking about what he had seen. A strange feeling of guilt came over him.

Upon reaching his masters house, he ran up to him and told him what he had seen, he said that he was feeling guilty that he found these things pleasurable, but at the same time he couldn''t stop thinking about them. He asked his master what he should do.

The master said "I want you to go through this town again, but this time I want you to take this candle. I want you to walk through this town with this candle without spilling one drop of wax onto the floor. If you spill one drop, my servant here (he pointed to a big man holding a long sharp, sword) will chop your head off!! Now go!"

He obeyed his master and set off. He got to the town and proceeded to walk through holding the candle, the big man was right behind him watching his every move. The servant walked through the whole of the town careful not to spill a drop. He successfully completed his mission, he did not spill a drop. He went back to his master and told him the news.

The master said, "WELL?" The servant replied "Master, I did not spill a drop!"The master said, "As you walked through the town, did you see what you saw before?"The servant replied "No master, I was too worried about my life, if my sight wondered from the candle I would have spilt a drop and he would have chopped my head off!!"The master smiled and said to his disciple..."

This is how you should live your life my friend, Death is following you around wherever you go, it is easy to forget and get distracted, as soon as you forget- you could be dead!! That candle is your focus, if you focus in life then death cannot harm you. Realise this my child and you will have the key to immortality."

The servant realised the lesson he had just learnt and broke down in tears, ever grateful to his master for showing him the way out of distraction...point is focus ur mind on Waheguru.

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Friday, April 20, 2007
Its Friday
Its such a relief that is Friday today. Last day of work for the week and I will have 2 days of rest from work though I still will have tonnes of documentation that need to be done. Working life is really different compared to being a student. Uni life was such a joy. Even high school days were really fun with my group of friends who, thank god are still keeping in touch till today. We use to do loads of things together.

Back to working life.. Ive got 2 process documents and one troubleshooting guide that I am suppose to be working on at the moment. But gosh here I am blogging away. Just to give a summary; I am working in a MNC company in Cyberjaya. My primary work is to use Microsoft SMS for patch deployment to all the global servers in my company; handling the maintanence and monitoring of the infrastructure for Msoft SMS in the company and my daily operations work is to distribute software via GPO. We are also migrating to SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager 2007) by end of this year. It might sound "alien" to those who are not in the IT industry :) The job is really tedious and stressful at times. Slight mistake and BOOM it will cause a massive impact to the company globally. But I am really happy to be in this team as everyday I am learning something new. Everyday comes with a new challenge and everyday when you reach work, you will be wondering what will happen today. However since I have start working I seldom have much time left for most of other things. At the end of the day, I just would like to have some quiet and quality time for my ownself. Sign that I might be getting old eh ;)

Anyway enough of my ramblings. For those of you who are interested to know what is Microsoft SMS 2003 and SCCM is all about click here -> Microsoft SMS 2003 & SCCM
Or just google and find out more about it. Have fun :)

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Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji's Barsi - KL
For anyone who's around Kuala Lumpur area; there is a kirtan darbar that will be held next week Saturday in loving memory of Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji. Program details as follows:

Time: 4.00pm - 10.30pm
Place: G.S Titiwangsa
Date: 28th April 2007

Khalsaji will be doing kirtan. There will be also loads of other local and international raagi jatha that will also be doing kirtan on that day. I will update more on the kirtanis list once I get hold of the final list. Oh yes sewa starts at 10am in the morning. So be sure to come.

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American Idol - Sanjaya Malakar is Finally Out
All I can say is FINALLY he's OUT. Yes the camera loves him, yes he has weird hairdo's and yes he has a nice smile, but comparing him to the other contestants; he can't sing. I was predicting he might even reach the finals looking at the amount of fans he has. But frankly speaking all this season American Idol was mainly about "Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya" and now with him out; it's going to be kind of boring without him. :)

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Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji's Malaysia Tour
Well I just heard from a friend that Bhai Sahib will not be able to come to Malaysia; as he is having some problems getting visa from Bangkok. I was really looking forward for Bhai Sahib's program in Malaysia.

Anyway for those who want to download some of Bhai Sahib's kirtan you can do so. I have uploaded some of Bhai Sahib's kirtan that was recorded live during his programs in Malaysia last year. There are also some tracks of his program that was recorded live in Calgary this year. Click here to download the tracks -> Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji

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Thursday, April 19, 2007
My First Post
Here am I, starting off with my very first blog. I have been an avid reader of loads of blogs and had always wanted to create a blog for myself. So anyway, here I am, and frankly I am lost of what to write about.

Anyway in short, this will be my space to share with you all about my simple life and most importantly my understanding about Sikhism (god willing). I will also try to add in of any latest happenings and news.

Hopefully I will be able to update it as frequent as possible.

Have Fun and feedbacks in any forms are appreciated :)

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