Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday Blues
Its Monday. And I am back to the same routine for the week : home - WORK - home. I guess I am not the only one that grumbles and groans about Mondays and is unwilling to let go of the lovely and lazy Sunday. I bet loads and loads of people groans about it to. :)

Surprisingly today I got to work pretty early. Usually I will be dragging myself out of my house on Mondays. I had one of my colleague who comes in pretty early in the morning (after he got married :P) asking me what was the occasion for me to come in so early today. Anyway it did not make any difference as I still came back home late from work as usual.

Mondays are the busiest days for me at work with endless of pending emails, pending work that is accumulated during the weekend and never ending meetings. When the day ends at work I will be just so relief.

Anyway I have a few people who requested me to put up more information on Microsoft SMS 2003. Im sorry guys, I cant put up the documents we use at work cause all the documents are marked as Confidential or Restricted; however I have a few links here which has really help me to expediate my understanding which can be use by you all to understand the basics of Microsoft SMS 2003.

-> Deployment Planning for SMS 2003
-> Deploying SMS 2003
-> Adding A Secondary Site in SMS 2003
-> Performing Common Administrative Tasks With SMS 2003
-> Get a handle on Network Clients using SMS

I do have more documents and links which I can share but I leave you all with this bit of information first. I will post more links in the near future. Ta for now.

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