Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phew its 2.30am and I finally finished filling up my taxes. Just submitted it via e-filing 2 minutes ago. YAY to me! Declaring TAXES; gosh that sounded alien to me few years ago when I was just a STUDENT. Time surely flies fast. Without realising here I was today cracking my head figuring out the tax form. Spent nearly an hour trying to fill up the tax form. FINALLY its finished! Though LHDN seriously need to upgrade their system. I was trying the WHOLE of FRIDAY and SATURDAY and I just couldnt get through. The page was taking AGES to load.

I will try to update about the kirtan darbar later in the morning as I am dozing away now. Just couldnt resist myself to report my VICTORY of filling up the tax form at LAST!

Hmmm... Filling up taxes, paying my own Bills, paying loans... Sign that I am getting OLD. Well time surely flies very very FAST..

Ta for now..

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