Friday, November 14, 2008
Jam.. Jam.. Jam....!!!!
I don't know why everytime it rains (or drizzle) there will be MASSIVE jams everywhere in KL. It is so irritating.. Just 2 days ago it took me nearly 1 1/2 hrs just to reach home as there was massive jams on Federal Highway + LDP. Seriously I don't know what is the government doing. Why can't they do something about this? I mean they have so many "think tank" who are idling around. Why cant they get together and find a solution to these jams once and for all?

If our "beloved" Prime Minister can go for a train rides so that he could "track the transport system" why can't he also try going through the jam (without his outriders and driver) in LDP in the mornings. Then maybe he will "realise" how bad is the condition. Just try googling "LDP JAM" and you can see how many others have blogged about this... Just look at the picture on the left (courtesy of The Star). That is what I have to go through everyday to get to work ..... and ya I still have to pay for the toll charges.... HAIH!!!!

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