Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Welcome to EDS!
Yesterday marked the transistion date from Shell IT to EDS. How does it feels.. hmm actually nothing much has change (till now.. ) except that now my payslip will be from EDS and eventually when HP buys over EDS it will be from HP. Confusing rite... :)

What have I been up to.. hmm.. from assignments.. presentation and exam this Sat (yay!) and also work.. I will be goin back to Miri soon.. Thank god!! I have less then 70 hours till exam and I have yet to read so much... :(

Besides that, Malaysia is rocked by yet another "Sodomy Case". The actor is non other than Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim again.. Hai.. politics is so tad confusing and dirty.. I do not want to elaborate too much about this case. Just do a google search and you will definately hit 1000 of different news sites and blogs giving their opinions over this matter.

Vir Manpreet Singh Ji will be having program in Malaysia. Details of the program will be posted in another topic shortly..

Thats all for now.. Its time to go back to work now...


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