Wednesday, January 30, 2008
True story please please READ...
With all the cases that are going on about children getting kidnapped in Malaysia - click here to read more ; never I thought that this incident was about to happen to someone close to me. I am still shocked. Thanks to god that he had his kirpa and nothing ugly happened.

Below is the email I got from Praji Amarjit Singh (Saaj Jatha). Spoke to him earlier and I was just thanking God that everyone is safe and sound.

Please feel free to pass on the email below as many people as you can and please please please keep a close eye on your children and be on the lookout.

Dear All Friends,
My Name is Amarjit Singh, staying in Taman Cheras Indah, near Taman Shamelin, would like to share an incident that happened to my family yesterday at housing area itself.

On 29 January 2008 at 5.00pm my mother and two of my sons, elder Gurpuran Singh, 5 years old and second son is Gursevak Singh 1 year 6 months, was walking to the shop for buying news paper.

Meanwhile, my mother was walking passing by after five houses, suddenly a man with motorbike (thin guy) and a women (plump & fair) sitting behind him wearing all black crossing in front of my mother and asked her that “ada kerja” (any work) my mother just shaking her head saying NO, out of unexpected the motorbike man take a wood about 3 inc x 3 inc long, and forward 3 feet comes nearest my mother and trying to attack her with the big wood aiming on her head & pointing on my son & shouted by saying “Kasi!! Kasi!!” (give! give!- by meaning asking of my baby) my mother said “Jangan! Jangan!” (No, No) and trying to keep away from him, the woman just sat on the bike was waiting for the next action. And the same time my mother ran to the other side (near people hse) and she was screaming for help.. (Tolong!! Tolong!! (Help!! Help!!) this make him frightened and took his motorbike ran away from the place.

My mother and I make a report at Pandan Indah Polis station at 7.30pm last night.

With the concern of our children, I m sending this email to you all is to be more careful of our children & always make sure they are with you all the time. Thanks God, my mother and sons were so lucky on that day from the horrible happen.

Please, of your concern & love to human being pass this massage around to your friends.

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