Thursday, December 27, 2007
Sikhi Sites
For the past few months I have posted links to a few of Sikh related websites. Just a quick summary of all the sites that have been posted so far.

- This site has keertan recordings from all programs across Ontario (Canada).

2) GaavoSachiBani
- This site has a lot of live keertan recordings - mainly from all around India.

- This site has a lot of keertan recordings, radio section, games section, and lots more. The unique thing here is that it gives FREE domains and FREE hosting for any Sikhi Based website.

- This sites provides good way to memorize Gurbani, one Pauri at a time.

5) Learn Punjabi
- This site provides usefool Tool to learn Gurmukhi online. It is Supported with audio and visual from basic to advance teaching.

6) Ektaone
- This site has keertan recordings, literature, powerpoint slides and loads more.

7) Sikhitube
- This site is a website with the same concept with Youtube where members can share their videos especially if it is something regarding Sikhi.

8) SikhismGurbani
- This sites has 34 chapters on Sikhi to be read. The articles were wrote by Gurmukh Singh (Raub, Pahang-Malaysia). The articles in the web-site were first printed in October 1995 in book form titled SIKHISM.

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