Friday, December 21, 2007
I am back blogging after quite a while. In a nutshell my life for the past few months :

October - Was busy working the whole month. Practically had no life. Worked extra 60 hours on top of my normal working hours for the whole month. I even had to miss the kirtan darbar that was held in loving memory of Bhai Rajinder Singhji (Uk Wale) as I was working.. Arghh!

November - After a long horrid month of October, I took time off from work :) Went back to Miri for 10 days. Had Yummy home cook food. The peaceful, quiet and easy living style in Miri really is the BEST! No jams; no rush and the BEST is everyting is like so near :)
Met up with Imelda (my best friend since high school) who's back after finishing her medical studies and working a year in Ireland. We went for a day trip to Brunei to visit Edith and her husband to be (at that time, now they are married couple) . It was a really memorable time; both gals driving all the way up to Brunei, getting lost finding the place to meet up Edith. The superb indian food and of course meeting up with Vincent who is such a darling. Well all I can say is Edith! you are a lucky soul and my God blesses the both of you :)
Did not take any photos as there was nothing much to snap and it was raining most of the time.

December - Back to work. Parents are down for a visit and holiday, so I have been taking loads of day offs. Have been busy bringing them around :) Its nice having them around. Best parents I can ever ask for. Ive been actually going back early from work; knowing that there's someone back home who's waiting :) Been busy going around shopping with parents. Spent 8 hours in Mid Valley, one whole day in 1 utama and IKANO, One whole day in Sunway Pyramid and dozens of trips to IOI Mall. IOI Mall is like my mum's favourite's place (don't ask me why - though maybe because its like so near to my place). And not forgetting the numerous trips to furniture malls. Okay for those who knows me; knows that I HATE shopping. Im the type that will go and buy whatever is needed and buzz off. I really cant understand till now though I have been dragging my feet around with my parents for hours in Malls; what people get by window shopping. Ah well .. :)

Imelda has started working as a houseman in Likas hospital (Kota Kinabalu). Now thats not interesting but just wait when you hear the working hours she has to work. 6.30am - 11pm for the first 2 weeks (including Sat and Sun). And after that 6.30am - 8.00pm and she can be on call whenever there are not enough docs. I am really SHOCKED. Here I was complaining to her of my hectic working hours at times but when she told me about her working hours I was left speechless. I am not sure what is the Health Ministry in Malaysia is trying to prove by getting houseman to work this kinda hours! Well that explains why so many DOCTORS prefer to work either in the private hospitals or outside of Malaysia. To read more visit Mel's blog:

Well I guess I have ranted enough. For those of you who are stuck working/studying while samelan is going on .. visit the Samelan Blog. Good initiative by the organisers; though I do hope to see more videos/audios being put up.


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