Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Thankless I am
Thankless I am, for being totally blind
Calling you cruel, although YOU were kind

Thankless I am, for throwing all the blame
When it was my mind that was totally lame

Thankless I am, for calling them bad times
Which actually cut the sins of my past crimes

Thankless I am, for not understanding
That YOU always give, and yet I am demanding

Thankless I am, for not being able to rejoice
And not knowing that every sound, was nothing but YOUR voice

Thankless I am, for being such a fool
Unaware that YOU gave me, every possible tool

Thankless I am, for never apologizing
Always drawing conclusions after senseless analyzing

Thankless I am, for always complaining
Crying for what I lost, forgetting what I am gaining

Thankless I am, for whenever life was hell
I lost my faith, and would cry and yell

Thankless I am, I ran after this world
Wounds and pain, that is what it hurled

Thankless I am, as my mistakes are repeated
My weak human eyes don't see YOU, so high YOU are seated

Thankless I am, the most thankless one ever
And yet YOU love and care for me, and forget me never

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