Thursday, May 3, 2007
Man Utd Crushed by AC Milan
I did not want to post a topic on this earlier as I did not watch the match. All I know was a friend of mine message me and informed that Man Utd lost 3-0 to AC Milan. At first I thougth he was joking but when I surfed the net it was all TRUE. Reali SAD!

My colleague at work however showed me some of the match highlights and this prompted me to blog about it. Personally I don't know what Man United's problem was. They were timid, they had no rhythm, they looked like they were afraid of playing in San Siro!!! They did not look anything like the Man Utd that has been playing throughout this season.
For the full report click here

Anyway as the Red Devil supporter I just hope they do well now in FA Cup and in EPL. Its time for a quick rebound. Hopefully they can widen the gap this weekend with a win in the Manchester Derby, and of course with a little help from Arsenal against Chelsea. Lets look forward with our head HIGH up.

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