Saturday, May 5, 2007
Lists of Raags and Their Timings
I was going through some of the documents that I had in my computer and I came across this:

Here is a list of raags and their timings. I think the most popular raag that I believe everyone has heard before is Rag Asa. Rag Asa is the rag of hope, and is a morning Rag that gives you hope right after you wake and do Naam Simran.

I also found an interesting article which again was saved somewhere in my computer. This article simply explains the importance of singing Kirtan in Raags. Click here to read the article.

There are between 2-6 rags per time frame.

6 AM - 9AM: Bhairaagi, Devgandhari
9 AM - 12 PM: Saarang, Suhi, Bilaaval, Gujri, Gond, Todi 1
2 PM - 3 PM: Vadhans, Maru, Dhanasari
3 PM - 6 PM: Maanjh, Gauri, Tilang, Tukhari
6 PM - 9 PM: Sri, Basant, Maali Gaura, Jaitsree, Kedara, Kalyaan
9 PM - 12 AM: Bihaagra, Nat Narayan, Sorath, Malaar, Kaanra, Jaijawanti
12 AM - 3 AM: No Raags from Guru Granth Sahib
3AM - 6AM: Aasa, Raamkali, Bhairav, Parbhati

There is a good website that you all can visit to gain more knowledge about raags. There are even notations given and loads of MP3 of shabads that are sung in raag that can be downloaded. Click here to visit the website.

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