Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Tioman Trip
A week ago, a group of us from System Management team (my team) and Client team went for a trip to Tioman as an event for our "Team Building".. There were around 35 of us (including spouses and children) who went for this trip.

We started of on Friday from KL at 8am to Mersing to catch the 2.30pm ferry to Tioman. There was another group (Client Team) which took the 10.00 am ferry from Tg Gemok.

Once reaching Kluang we were suppose to take the Nittar road leading to Mersing. However we missed the turning and ended up using the Jamaluang road leading to Mersing. It was really the longest 1 hour car ride I had. The roads were so winding and there were no sign of human along the road. At one point we actually saw monkeys waiting at the Bus stop! :)

Winding roads from Jamaluang to Mersing
It was also rather interesting in the ferry. We had to wait from 2pm till 2.45pm in the ferry as the ferry operator were trying to get passengers. Even though there were no more place in the ferry they kept getting passengers to enter the ferry. It took us 2 1/2 hrs to reach our stop in tioman as there were passengers that were going to Pulau Rawa.

In the ferry
Pulau Rawa

By the time we reached our stop we were actually so relieved. We were really tired with the whole day of travelling. We were putting up in Berjaya Tioman.

Next day we went for snokerling. It was awesome for me (my first time). Imagine being dropped in 25 feet water ;) .. We were suppose to go for an hour of snokerling but somehow Berjaya guys sorta forgot about it and we ended up being in the water for 3 hours. I did not mind a single bit. I had an awesome time having fishes all around me and watching some amazing corals :) Some snaps below. Will try to upload the snaps we took when we went snokerling as that was taken with an underwater camera
Before Snokerling

After Snokerling

After the snokerling and lunch we chartered a van to go around, just wanted to see the place around and of course paying a visit to the DUTY FREE shops ;-)... Yes Tioman is a DUTY FREE island!

This is how they pour petrol in Tioman. Petrol is sold in mineral bottles

The really narrow roads in Tioman.

Huge "Biawak"
The chalet I was staying in @ Berjaya Tioman

Part of the System Management Team family :)

Ferry approaching Jetty

Back to Mersing

All in all it was a nice short relaxing trip; away from the mad rush of KL and away from all the stress from work. Kudos to the organising committee! Cant wait for the year end trip to Cherating (Club Med).. :)

For more photos click here

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